Democracy is never bulletproof.

Retired Navy SEAL Hayder Randall would do anything to defend his country. But when his ex-girlfriend and current First Daughter Elizabeth watches her Presidential parents fall to a brutal assassination, he’s shocked when she stages a coup and takes over the United States. With the nation split down the middle and his vengeful ex out for blood, he feels it’s his duty to lead the resistance.
As chaos and martial law reign, Randall watches in horror as Elizabeth repeals the First Amendment and begins a campaign of public executions. With the help of a retired Green Beret and a rogue FBI agent, Randall vows to put a stop to the death and destruction. Especially when he’s the next man up for the nationally-televised chopping block...
Can the ex-SEAL and his rebels take down an unhinged dictator before America falls?
When America Fell Silent is a powerful dystopian political thriller. If you like dark glimpses of possible futures, determined heroes, and the fight for fundamental rights, then you’ll love Freddy Cruz’s provocative novel.
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The freedom of speech may be taken away-and, dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.
—George Washington, 1783